MBD Design was chosen by the RATP for the creation of the new quay facades.

As part of the modernization of the operation of the Parisian metro network, the installation of facades on the station platforms allows on the one hand to optimise the transport service and on the other hand to secure the docks avoiding any fall of traveler, and Beyond any penetration on the tracks.

With the prospect of automating line 4 of the Parisian subway, the new design is an integral part of the operator’s desire to modernize the aesthetics of the place and thus offer a pleasant environment for travelers.

The agency has voluntarily taken the side of focusing its approach on the scenario of crossing these new doors.

Completely integrated with the surrounding architecture, the new design naturally guides the traveller towards this fluid transition between a stationary space (the station) and a mobile space (the oar) in order to offer travellers a global visual fusion Nice and no break. Highlighted, this place of passage must immediately attracts the gaze of the traveller with all the inclined planes that guide him towards his crossing. The choice of LED lighting on the sides and the top also helps to highlight this new architectural element and to remind in this modern form the notion of transition from one space to another. The new landing door thus becomes an integral part of the layout of the station and the passenger route.

In the long run, the new “communicating” facades will allow the integration of augmented reality, including information on wait times or influx.
“A real line 4 style” with “a strong visual identity” took shape according to the RATP. The first doors were inaugurated at the end of 2018 and will gradually be put in place on the whole line.